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Azania Fresh Food Industries Limited (AFFI LTD) is a reputable supplier of high-quality green coffee beans. We believe we can provide green coffee beans that align perfectly with your business’s values and needs. 

Processing & Grading

Meticulous sorting, cleaning, drying, and grading ensure quality, consistency, and distinctive flavors for roasting.

General Manager at Regards Electronics

Sourcing quality green coffee beans, complying with regulations, and managing logistics for international shipment to meet global demand.

Quality Check
We may plan and provide a full service in the area of conscientious rapid air delivery of urgent, valuable.
Air Freight

We may plan and provide a full service in the area of conscientious rapid air delivery of urgent, valuable such as coffee beans samples.

Road Freight

We may plan and provide a full service in the area of conscientious rapid road delivery of urgent, valuable to the destinations such as ports.

Sea Freight

We may plan and provide a full service in the area of conscientious rapid sea delivery of urgent, valuable and transport to the final destinations.

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Most Common FAQs

Azania Fresh Food Industries Limited (AFFI LTD) is located at Kemondo Bay in Bukoba, Tanzania, East Africa. Our location is very easy to find and we are near the main road to Muleba.

Robusta Green Coffee and Hard Arabica Coffee but mostly Robusta Coffee beans as Kagera is the largest producer of Robusta coffee beans in Tanzania. End product exported is clean graded coffee following standard grades according to Tanzania Coffee Board direction as follows:
 Robusta Extra (Screen 18)
 Robusta Superior (Screen 16)
 Robusta FAQ (Screen 14)
 Robusta UG (Screen 12)
 Other low grades like Triage and BHP are sold locally.

We provide a number of transport services to customers around the world. Please refer to our Services page for more information. Progressively generate synergistic total linkage through cross-media intellectual capital. Enthusiastically parallel task team building e-tailers without standards.

when coffee gets to the factory, the moisture content is checked by the quality controller, passes to the pre-cleaner to remove rubbish and dust, then passes to the de-stoner to remove stones, then to hullers to remove the outer layer of the bean called husks, then to the FAQ grader to sort the un-hulled
– 5 –
coffee and further clean the coffee, then to the grader for grading coffee into standard categories , the dryer can be used when necessary, lastly coffee is offloaded to the export bags of 60 kgs net. Robusta UG and FAQ coffee is sewed to be stored in the warehouse ready for export. Superior and Extra Robusta coffee is handpicked to remove blacks and other defects or passes to the color sorter.

Azania Fresh Food Industries LTD manage customers efficiently, we realize once our customers are satisfied with the company, then company will be in good profits. It is only the customers who can put up or down the reputation of the company. We value our customers; therefore it is important to provide them with an excellent customer service experience.

Mission statement

To support the efforts of agricultural development, farmers societies and communities for the future generation to meet their needs.


Coffee! Improving livelihoods. Kahawa! Maisha Bora.

The goals of the business are to provide:
 A substantial income for communities.
 Create a sustainable chain of supply.
 Working environment where both the customer and employee are treated with dignity and respect.

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