About Us

Executive Summary
Azania Fresh Food Industries LTD (AFFI LTD) is a family-owned company that operates mainly in the coffee business. Since opening its doors in Kemondo in 1992, AFFI LTD has been in coffee trading and owns a factory for processing; Curing, and grading coffee for export. AFFI LTD’s competitive edge is its competent processing plant, location, its focus on customer service, and the experience and knowledge of the owners. AFFI LTD’s documentation and security system is perfect to promote more efficient and conveniently exceptional friendly customer service.

Business Summary
AFFI LTD is a family-owned company that has a Coffee processing factory located at Kemondo, Bukoba, Kagera. We are looking to expand coffee trading nationally and internationally. We strive to offer the highest quality coffee available by collaborating with cooperative unions, AMCOS, and government entities in the industry development. We feature exceptional coffee processing. Our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about good coffee.


To support the efforts of agricultural development, farmers societies and communities for the future generation to meet their needs.

Teamwork: Azania Fresh Food Industries LTD’s employees are committed.


Coffee! Improving livelihoods. Kahawa! Maisha Bora.

Azania Fresh Food Industries LTD (AFFI LTD) owns a processing plant: machines that sorts rubbish and stones from coffee cherries before processing. It owns hulling machines, grading machines, coffee drying machine, offloading machine, sewing machine for export bags and coffee quality checking equipments. AFFI LTD factory location is inside a 5000 square meters area. AFFI LTD is in good shape and functioning well.

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